User Interface Design for Mobile Medical Application.


The idea of medical application that improve patient’s “quality of life” has been in my personal interest. My personal experience with medical facility lead me into believe that we all need to be able to self-perceived our medication record, or even our health condition either normal or in sick.

The project is for a medical company to introduce a mobile application designed to track drug adherence, collect lab result, and making appointment. This provide a necessary information for better diagnosis and medical research.

To improve the user interface design of an existing device(PDA) with a few additional functionality is the brief. I approach this project by researching for ways to present information in a more user friendly way, easy and comfortable to read and navigate. Device & OS constrain must be addressed. My key concept design for this interface is to make a dashboard of important/need to see information, and well organized space presenting technical data like dosage, statistics, and lab result. Still contain the respectable medical-related look&feel such as drug label alike dashboard.